Scott Russell Sanders

Writing news from Scott

A new edition of my science fiction novel, The Engineer of Beasts, has just been published by Indiana University Press. See below.

IU Press has also reissued two of my other science fiction books in new editions. See the sidebar at the right.

The Way of Imagination, my new essay collection, is scheduled for publication by Counterpoint Press in Sept. 2020.

Tales and photographs from Ordinary Wealth, a book-in-progress, have recently appeared on and in The Georgia Review (Spring 2019).

In addition to finishing Ordinary Wealth, I'm at work on a collection of stories about a trickster figure named Gordon Milk, who lives with his family in the hills of southern Indiana.


Here's a new edition of a science fiction novel that features robot animals, domed cities, and a techno-wizard protagonist who longs to escape to the wilds. With a new Afterword. See a description here.

"Sanders' writing has a polished, literary complexity: images sharply seen, language graceful and well-used, plot-threads spun out, and his cast of characters is wild and wonderful." --Kirkus Review